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Fall Fish Report: A Tale of Two Coasts


  Dorado in the Sea of Cortez, Baja's wild side on the Pacific: Choose your own adventure and HOOK UP with Baja’s best guides and captains.


Sport, spear or fly, the season is upon us. Warm fall waters bring Dorado up the Sea of Cortez in droves. Reports are that yellowfin tuna have been going “bonkers.”

Seriously, what are you waiting for?


Reports from the water these last few weeks are that the waters around Isla Cerralvo are teeming. Brock Kennedy, el jefe de las guías and spearo extraordinaire, says “Dorado is the hot catch right now.” Our clients are pulling them in on flies, rod and reel and spears daily. Yellowfin tuna are crowding the waters right off of the coast where you can make your home base with us at Palapas Ventana.

Sea of Cortez side: The resort life

We’ve got room in our Palapas Ventana casitas for last minute fall fishing trips. It’s an easy zip down to Cabo, and a 2.5-hour drive from Cabo to the Baja sportfishing mothership of Palapas Ventana.

North of Cabo and south of La Paz, Palapas Ventana’s perfect location in the quaint but lively fishing village of La Ventana/El Sargento positions you perfectly for an epic sportfishing vacation. We’ve got some of the best guides in the world, a shop with all the gear you’ll ever need, captains who know these waters better than anyone and a low-key but luxurious authentic vibe.


Bring your family and they’ll never get bored: hot tub, pool, snorkeling with sea lions, shopping in La Paz, incredible Mexican meals, cocktails, massages and sunsets are all on the menu daily. 


baja vacation casitas

Picture your day at Palapas Ventana like this: Waking up to the sun rising over the Sea of Cortez, silhouetting Isla Cerralvo, the southernmost island in the sea that’s located right out our front door. The early morning light glows on the cardon cacti. Huevos rancheros with habanero sauce from Mary in the restaurant and a steaming cup of coffee while you dial in your gear. The ocean is placid and calm as you motor out to the first spot on our Mexican panga fishing skiffs. Laughs, high fives and high-octane, big league fishing will fill your day on the water. Back on land, crack a cold beer on the beach while we fillet your fish - after snapping a few pictures, of course. Our kitchen staff will serve up your catch for dinner, or, we’ll vacuum pack it for you to take home. Cap it all off with a hot jacuzzi and pass out in your air-conditioned casita. Wake up, repeat.

What else could you want? Oh wait...

Magdalena Bay: Experience the wild Pacific side

Palapas Ventana is only the home base. We know the Cabo and La Paz area like no other outfitter,and we’ll take you to remote fishing outposts on the Pacific Ocean so that you can eat, live and breathe spearing or sportfishing.

We’ll transport, feed and house you in remote Magdalena Bay: a place friends just won’t believe when you tell them about it later.

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We’ve got a new bunkhouse up and running on the island, with hot showers, flush toilets, full meal service and incredible offshore and inshore fishing. The fishing reports from our first two Mag Bay outings of the year talked up the wahoo, marlin and grouper.

Want to live on on this boat?

Magdalena Bay to Cabo Rod-and-Reel Liveaboard: Nov. 29 to Dec. 5

Join Palapas Ventana as we take to the high seas for a thrilling route from Magdalena Bay to Cabo. This 60-foot fishing vessel has room for 14 people, but we like a little breathing room so we’re limiting this trip to only eight anglers. Get your hat in the ring early on for the expedition of a lifetime. We’ll take you to waters you’ve only dreamed about so you can sleep, breathe and eat sportfishing with us for a full week.

Spearfishing Liveaboards: Nov. 14 to 21 and 21 to 28

Ever wish you could just never leave the water? Well, we have a solution. Maximize your dive time by just.....never leaving the water! Tuna, wahoo, marlin and more are all on the menu on our fall spear liveaboards. Wake up, dive, eat, dive, eat, REPEAT.

Lock in your spot today by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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